Hollywood Dopes Blame Trump for Liberal Hawaii Officials’ ICBM Scare


On Sunday, a worker in Democrat-run Honolulu, Hawaii admitted he pressed the wrong button by mistake and set off an alert that there was an incoming ICBM headed for Hawaii. He has taken full responsibility and said he deeply regrets the error. It not only sent off the alert, he confirmed it. It doesn’t get much clearer than that.

It’s apparently not clear to Jamie Lee Curtis or Jim Carrey though. It took only hours for them, along with slews of other Democrats, to blame President Trump.

Jamie Lee Curtis tweeted in rage: “This Hawaii missle scare is on YOU Mr. Trump. The real FEAR that mothers & fathers & children felt is on YOU. It is on YOUR ARROGANCE. HUBRIS. NARCISSISM. RAGE. EGO. IMMATURITY and your UNSTABLE IDIOCY. Shame on your hate filled self. YOU DID THIS!”

Jim Carrey also proved once again that he is an out of touch moron:” I woke up this morning in Hawaii with ten minutes to live. It was a false alarm, but a real psychic warning. If we allow this one-man Gomorrah and his corrupt Republican congress to continue alienating the world we are headed for suffering beyond all imagination.”

The only one responsible was a worker in Hawaii and the liberal government officials who have by their own admission NO PROCESS in place for handling alerts. Democrats are screaming for more federal government control. Why? The Feds aren’t doing much right these days.

Former President Bill ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton forged the awful deal that gave us a nuclear North Korea. For decades, appeasement policies and monetary payoffs have ruled the day without having any effect. President Trump is trying to use a tougher approach because North Korea is on the precipice of having an ICBM that can successfully reach the United States. We have never been in this place before.

Listen to Bill Clinton talk about his “deal”, a deal similar to the one forged by Barack Obama with Iran.

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