Home with a Confederate Flag in AL Stormed, Two Men Beaten, Shot to Death


A 73-year grandfather and his 23-year old grandson were slaughtered, possibly for having a confederate flag hanging outside their home. The grandmother, who survived, hid in a bedroom. The murderers beat and shot the two victims to death.

Some suggest that demonizing the confederate flag has become a trigger. The police have not suggested a motive.

On July 23rd, two black males stormed the home near Piedmont, AL. Two white males, Joshua Moody 23, and Travis Frost, 73, a grandson, and his grandfather were beaten and shot to death. Mr. Travis’s wife hid and was not found by the attackers, local TV reported.

The family’s Nissan Ultima was stolen and found burned a short distance away.

Police identified two black males and a black female as suspects within two days of the murders. Their names are Jeffrey Jamall Briskey, Rhimington Otarivs Johnson, and Sicondria Michala Carter.

Briskey and Carter were captured at an Econo Lodge in Petersburg, VA but Rhimington is still on the loose. He is armed and dangerous.


  1. “Police identified two black males and a black female as suspects~ Jamall, Rhimington Otarivs and Sicondria Michala” –> pretty much sums it up.
    The prior administration and their fueling of the terrorist group BLM should feel the weight of the two murdered souls by their ilk.

  2. It is just toooo bad that these folks did not have an M-60 Machine gun set up inside, trained at knee level with someone always at the trigger. then let the attackers bleed to death. Anytime someone is assaulted for his/her beliefs, the assaulter needs to be cut down immediately, WHETHER THE PERSON SETTING FORTH HIS BELIEFS VIA WHATEVER FLAG THEY CHOOSE TO FLY, LEFT OR RIGHT IS LEFT OR RIGHT, he/she needs to die immediately. No mercy; people need to be able to express their political opinion in this country despite whatever it is without fear of physical attack.

    Somehow people have gotten the idea that they can kill someone who does not believe as they do>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  3. The writer of the article speculates that the killing was because of the Confederate Flag. Why not speculate that the killing could have been motivated by robbery….or thrill killing….or just plain race? Suggestion to the author of this article: RELY on the facts and not on speculation or opinion.

    • Because some news reports say the witness said it. The only thing taken was the car which was immediately destroyed- allegedly.

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