“Honest” Dick Durbin Lies on Air About Republicans Funding the Dossier


Lindsey Graham recently took the side of Dick Durbin in the immigration kerfuffle over whether the President referred to “s***hole” countries. He said he trusted Dick Durbin and found him to be very “honest”.

Well, maybe someone should send Lindsey this clip of Durbin lying again.

Durbin told Jake Tapper that Republicans launched the dossier and then Democrats took it over. The Republicans never had a thing to do with the dossier. They used the same company to do opposition research on Trump and others, but never funded Christopher Steele’s fake research.

The only thing in common between the two — they used the same company. That was always a distraction.

Jake Tapper didn’t even call Durbin on it. He just let the hack lie.

Tapper asked: “…Would you grant the point that the DNC and the Clinton campaign should have disclosed much earlier than they did to the public that they actually funded this dossier?”

Durbin then blatantly lied: “Of course you know as well, Jake, that the actual political motivation beginning of this was on the Republican side. It was then switched over where there was Democratic funding.”

Why doesn’t anyone have the character to call these liars out? They love to fact check Trump but never these guys.

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