Honored British Col: Biden must be courtmartialed for betraying his nation


Retired British Lt. Col. Richard Kemp fought throughout the world and in Afghanistan. His efforts led to the most successful counterterrorism operation ever undertaken in Kabul. He worked on Downing Street on counterterrorism and more. He has been honored for his courage and achievements.

Lt. Col. Kemp spoke with Mark Levin last night on the Fox show, Life, Liberty, and Levin.

The following is a summary of what he said about the Afghanistan debacle.

He commended the US troops and said nothing he says is a criticism of them. His criticism is of the Biden administration.

The Colonel harshly condemned Biden’s disgraceful attack on the Afghan army which has fought bravely and with great loss of life. When Biden abandoned them completely and took away Bagram and air support, they were left with little choice.

The United States unconditionally surrendered to the Taliban thanks to Joe Biden which will lead to the rise of the Chinese Communists.  Lt. Col. Kemp agrees other European nations are partly to blame, but most of the blame rests with Joe Biden.

The commander said the United States very well might now decline as China rises having used our resources, education, and intelligence. The US could end up under the domination of China.

He believes the decisions Biden has made led to the most catastrophic event since WWII. It has seriously damaged the United States’ standing in the world.

Countries we hoped to entice to our side will not join us because we are unreliable. They will see China and Russia as the more reliable allies.

The Results

There are so many implications — all bad, and he only named a few. China and Pakistan, along with Russia and Iran, will plunder Aghanistan’s minerals. They will use what they have there against the West. ISIS and al-Qaida now have a base of operations from which to attack us. According to the British commander, this is worse than our situation in 9/11.

Lt. Col. Kemp said Biden should be court-martialed for betraying the nation and the US forces.

This must be turned around and it won’t be with the leadership we have now.

Israel, Taiwan, Ukraine, and the Gulf countries are in danger and will not be able to rely on the United States. Biden has appeased Iran and they too are emboldened.

The world got used to stability and wealth but that is all shaken. Threats of climate change, COVID are dwarfed by the actions of this president. The world cannot afford to lose the United States. It is the greatest country in the world and we can’t afford to lose the good we’ve done, he believes.

Levin said half the country hates the United States and supports Marxism. We are bleeding from within.

Watch Part I and II

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