Biden’s awarding ‘silent amnesty’ to unvetted foreigners breaking our laws


As the Biden catastrophe in Afghanistan unfolds, there is another pending crisis in the United States. It is one that will ultimately and irreparably change us forever.

While Congress is working on amnesty in secret, another dangerous amnesty with a pathway to citizenship is being administered by the Biden collective. It is called the ‘silent amnesty.’

The illegal aliens are now all assumed to be refugees and asylum seekers. They are economic moochers or job seekers.

It’s another perpetrated by the Marxists in power.

The Biden comrades in the White House are quietly ordering the suspension or dismissal of thousands of deportation cases pending in immigration courts.

Deportation orders, as a percentage of decided cases, have plummeted to 35% from January to June. That is about half the rate of 2019 and 2020 under the Trump administration with far more aliens coming in illegally.

The number of case terminations has surged even though immigration judges are deciding fewer cases.

Judges are granting continuances in a large swath of other cases, paving the way for termination.

“They’re dismissing these cases out of hand, and then ICE is releasing these people from custody,” said one department source who spoke to The Washington Times on the condition of anonymity.

Terminating or dismissing a case clears it from the active docket, giving migrants de facto permission to remain in the country even though they do not hold legal status, the newspaper reports.

Immigration judges are critical components of the system and have tremendous power in asylum and deportation cases.

The case closures are joint efforts by the Justice Department and Homeland Security, which oversees the ICE attorneys who prosecute the cases and, increasingly, are agreeing to the delays and dismissals.

Last year, the judges had completed more than 205,000 cases and issued removal orders in more than 152,000 of them or about 74%.

So far this fiscal year, judges have completed only about 63,000 cases and ordered removals in slightly more than 25,000 or about 40%. Subtract the first three months of the fiscal year, which fell under the Trump administration, and the rate drops to about 35%.

While COVID has something to do with it,  the problem is Biden’s administration has shifted away from removal and allows USCIS and DOS to decide on the spot if they can stay. They are moving away from deportation to “established paths of legal immigration.”

A May memo from John D. Trasvina, the principal legal adviser at ICE, urged the agency’s attorneys to use prosecutorial discretion to curtail deportations.

Mr. Arthur, in a commentary piece last month, said prosecutorial discretion traditionally was requested by immigrants’ attorneys. He cited an exceptional circumstance.

“The Biden DHS/ICE guidance makes clear, however, that this administration’s definition of a ‘particularly deserving or exceptional’ case is much different than it was under Trump’s,” Mr. Arthur wrote.

“Given that Biden’s new DHS leadership started signaling its intentions for immigration non-enforcement on day one, hundreds if not thousands of aliens (and more precisely, their lawyers) likely approached ICE after the inauguration to request prosecutorial discretion – even though those aliens were removable and not legally able to remain, and even before Trasvina issued his guidance.”

The US taxpayer pays for those lawyers.

A coalition of immigration lawyers [open borders leftists] urged just that course of action.

The Biden administration can shape outcomes in the longer term and that’s where this is headed.

Mass immigration, not founded on assimilation and a nation’s ideals, but rather on Marxist giveaways, will destroy the nation.

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