Horrific Scathing Reports of Uvalde Massacre


The new horrific timeline of the Uvalde massacre is released. A report by Texas DPS is deeply concerning and a nightmare for the families of those who were murdered.

In the video the reporter saw, he describes the killer walking into the school as a little boy comes out of a bathroom. When the boy sees the killer, he retreats. The killer then walks into the classroom and a hail of gunfire echoes throughout the hall.

The police tried to get into the classroom when they first arrived, took on fire, retreated, and did not try again until several officers violated orders and killed the gunman.

The police did nothing for over an hour. They talked about trying to get into the classroom through a window but never did anything.

The reporter who saw the video of the massacre said it may never be released to the public.

Watch the report:


The Texas DPS issued a scathing report of the response by officers who were in body armor and sufficiently armed to stop the massacre. The on-scene commander put the lives of the police ahead of the children’s lives, according to DPS.

The commander is allegedly the person who stood in the way of the rescue.

The teachers and children waited one hour and 14 minutes and 8 seconds to be rescued.

Based on training, the commander was “supposed to stop the killing, stop the dying.”

The report is not complete and this could change.


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