MN Ethics Committee Probes State Senator for Ballot Fraud


Freshman state Senator Omar Fateh (DFL-Minneapolis) has been dodging scandal after scandal. You need a scorecard to keep track of them.

The latest scandal involves a recently concluded federal perjury trial, where his brother-in-law was convicted of lying to a grand jury concerning the handling of absentee ballots during the primary election of August 2020.

Omar Fateh

The trial of the brother-in-law, Muse Mohamud Mohamed, revealed a larger FBI investigation into the conduct of the August 2020 election.

The Minnesota Reformer and the Sahan Journal have delivered in-depth reporting on the topic.

The FBI didn’t charge Omar or anyone else in the probe.

However, according to a complaint by six Republicans, Omar failed “to specifically acknowledge his involvement in the improper distribution of 2020 primary election absentee ballots.” Then he kept “his Senate staffer who apparently oversaw the fraudulent election conduct”.

Quid Pro Quo

Republicans in the Senate filed ethics complaints against Fateh for alleged quid pro quo.

The complaint asked a special group of lawmakers charged with reviewing these accusations to open an ethics investigation. They want a probe into whether Fateh engaged in a “quid pro quo” when Somali TV, which has a YouTube channel with more than 170,000 subscribers. They ran a campaign ad encouraging people to vote for him. And then after his election, Fateh authored a bill that would have appropriated grants totaling $500,000 for the organization.

Minnesota has been a hotbed for reported election fraud and investigative journalist organization Project Veritas has been exposing it.

We are a Banana Republic.

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