Hostile Foreign Actors Got Hillary’s Confidential Emails


file photo of Hillary Clinton
file photo of Hillary Clinton

The FBI announced in November, with “99% accuracy”, that Hillary Clinton’s private email server had been hacked by at least five foreign intelligence agencies. Clinton denied it.

Hundreds of Clinton investigation documents were released this weekend during the NFL playoffs and the Golden Globe Awards. One need not wonder why.

Hillary’s Emails Were Clearly Hacked

Contrary to what the Clinton campaign and Hillary herself said throughout the campaign, hostile foreign actors did obtain access to the personal email accounts of people Hillary was in regular contact with. The FBI said, as a result, these hostile entities did get Hillary’s emails.

“The FBI did find that hostile foreign actors successfully gained access to the personal email accounts of individuals associated…with whom Clinton was in regular contact and in doing so, obtained emails sent or received by Clinton on her personal email account,” the report stated.

In addition, documented evidence of more than a dozen other hacking attempts on Clinton’s server, including five that occurred after she left the State Department, exists. One question, how do we know with such certainty that the Russians gave emails to Wikileaks? It could have been anybody.

Furthermore, the State Department shopped around intelligence agencies to get favorable opinions as to whether Clinton’s emails should have been classified. They attempted to help Clinton through manipulation of data.

The official called it “forum shopping.”

The report states, “You’re about to get drug into an issue of classification of the Clinton emails. They’re contesting CTD’s classification decision and would like to discuss it with you (Forum shopping, I believe). I’ll call you and give you some info, and then they’re asked if you could call [redacted] [last name I think] [redacted].

Hillary Clinton exposed national secrets, some were top secret, to hostile foreign actors. She then attempted to cover it up with lies and manipulation.

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