House Dems vote to grant DC statehood to consolidate power


Making DC a state gives Democrats two new Marxist senators. It’s one of the hard-Left Democrats’ numerous assaults to get them to their one-party system.

An article at National Review notes that it won’t get past the filibuster [if we can keep the filibuster], and it would engender endless lawsuits and chaos.

The story notes:

“Zack Smith, a legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation, argued before Congress last month that D.C.’s status can only be changed through a constitutional amendment since its creation and purpose provisions are enumerated in Article I of the Constitution. He claimed that the framers of the Constitution “intended this to be a federal district outside the jurisdiction of any one state.” Smith predicted that lawsuits and litigation would follow a D.C. statehood bill passing in Congress. “Every legislative act of this new state would be called into question. … Things would be in a state of flux for years,” Smith said.”

As the Wall Street Journal editorial board wrote:

A week after the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee introduced legislation to pack the Supreme Court by adding four new Justices, the House is set to vote on a bill to pack the U.S. Senate by adding two new Senators. Unlike court-packing, the bill granting statehood to Washington, D.C., has majority support among elected Democrats and the official backing of the White House. But the impetus behind both measures is the same—to tilt the constitutional playing field and consolidate liberal power.

Democrats will not address the crisis at our border and will not even call it a crisis. The spike in violent crime is ignored. Rising fuel, energy, and food prices are dismissed. Aggression from China and Russia continues unabated.

HR1 is also hanging out there and it too is meant to turn us into a one party state:

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