House not troubled by illegals buying guns, only law-abiding citizens


The Democrat-led House on Thursday passed HR8, a gun control bill that will expand background checks, with a 227-203 vote.

Eight Republican lawmakers voted with the Democrats to pass the “Background Checks Act” that prohibits private firearms transfers without having a background check.

It will require a gun registry to work.

They also passed HR 1446 which allows tyrants to indefinitely hold back background checks.

At the same time, these same Democrats blocked legislation that would require ICE to be contacted when illegal aliens apply to buy a gun.

Steve Scalise announced on Twitter: House Democrats just REJECTED an amendment that would have required ICE to be notified if an illegal immigrant tries to buy a gun. But they’re fine taking away the gun rights of law-abiding American citizens.

So, law-abiding Americans can’t easily buy a gun, but illegal aliens can buy a gun without anyone watching.

They really hate U.S. citizens but whoever comes in from anywhere in the world is privileged.

People are coming in from all over the world:

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