House passes bill to defund and take first steps in nationalizing police


It is fitting that hard-left Rep. Ilhan Omar presided over the debate on a bill to honor George Floyd and to nationalize the police. The bill passed by the House is called the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

The bill defunds the police by hundreds of millions of federal dollars, the equivalent of 3,000 police.

Racial profiling at every level of law enforcement would be prohibited; chokeholds, carotid holds and no-knock warrants would be banned at the federal level; qualified immunity for officers would be overhauled and a national police misconduct registry would be created so officers who were fired for such discretions could not be hired by another police department.

Senate Republicans are very concerned about the provision eliminating certain legal protections currently afforded to law enforcers in many states and precincts. Known as qualified immunity, those protections are needed, Republicans argue, to shield law enforcers from rampant litigation.

If police departments do not comply with the new rules, federal funding would be stripped from the department.

The report notes that the bill faces an uphill battle in the Senate, where several Republicans are slamming it. No Republicans in the House voted for it, and two Democrats, Reps. Jared Golden (Maine) and Ron Kind (Wis.), voted against it.

The States make these decisions, not the overly big federal government.



  1. Once the Communist are removed from Government; and they will be removed, America needs to totally rethink the Power of the Federal Government. This needs to Start with the Repeal of the 16 Amendment and the addition of a Balanced Budget Amendment. Without unbridled taxing power and the ability to just print money, the power of the Federal Government over The People will become greatly limited.

    • Hate to tell you, but we are way closer now to communism than at any time in my 64 years. Removing them from federal office is quite a hill to climb. Only one thing will make this happen and nobody really wants to go there I don’t think.

      • There may be no choice…use it or lose it…and if losing it IS the general consensus be prepared to suffer the consequences….remember Adolf, Josef, Mao and Pol had one thing in common, as did all despots before them, the ability to exterminate millions of their UNARMED countrymen with impunity…

  2. So anarchy is coming? We knew that was a feature and not a bug part of Fundamental Transformation.
    The omnipotent Mommygov won’t be there for you when the law of the jungle time goes live.
    You are on your own and no one is coming to save you.
    You are the cavalry.

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