St. John’s University to offer minor in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies


St. John’s University is one of my alma maters and it’s a Catholic university. They are offering a minor in an anti-white, anti-American program of studies.

The College Fix reports:

St. John’s University to offer minor in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies

St. John’s University is offering a new minor beginning this spring semester — in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies.

The New York City-based Catholic institution noted in a March 1 announcement that the new minor will benefit students “seeking to explore the myriad ways social justice issues are shaped by class, ethnicity, gender, race and other forms of group differentiation.”

This dangerous and sick ideology has hit the Catholic schools. It’s a cancer started by Dr. Bell, one of Barack Obama’s Marxist mentors.

The school CRES director reports that students have demanded it since 2015.

CRES Director Natalie Byfield, a sociology and anthropology professor, told the St. John’s student paper The Torch that the minor’s subject matter “applies to all fields of work” — students “who develop a mastery in this area will be able to apply it to any career path they take.”

That’s indoctrination.



  1. It might work in the HR department of Woke Inc. but other places will steer clear of such high maintenance workers who can never be fired.
    Better get that Marxist U. loan debt forgiven Jo Jo Bidet because the comrades are gonna need it.

  2. There was a time when the Catholic Church Educated people. After Vatican II things started going down hill. In the 80’s the Church started moving Liberal and by 2000 was headed Communist. The only darker period in the Church’s History was the “Holy Inquisition”, but it looks like the Church is headed for an even darker future.

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