House Passes Bills Watering Down the 2nd Amendment


The House passed a bill on Thursday to nationalize red flag laws, watering down the 2nd Amendment. It seeks to keep guns away from individuals deemed a threat to themselves and others. It won’t. The people who will suffer the punishment are law-abiding citizens. It’s the camel’s nose under the tent.

The legislation is called the Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order – nice manipulation in the name of the bill alone. It passed in a 224-202 vote. Two Republicans did not vote.

Five Republicans — Reps. Fred Upton (Mich.), Adam Kinzinger (Ill.), Anthony Gonzalez (Ohio), Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.) and Chris Jacobs (N.Y.) — bucked the GOP in voting for the measure, and Democratic Rep. Jared Golden (Maine) broke from the party in opposing the bill.

All of them are RINOs.


Passage of the measure came one day after the House cleared a sweeping gun package that, among other provisions, called for raising the minimum age to purchase a semi-automatic weapon from 18 to 21 and banning civilian use of a high-capacity magazine.

The politicians are using Buffalo and Uvalde to put the laws into effect. When the killers in Buffalo and Uvalde were threatening to kill people or beheaded cats, where were the real people responsible for them?

Unfortunately, none of the laws they came up with would have stopped these madmen.

The red flag bill — introduced by Rep. Lucy McBath (D-Ga) authorizes family members and law enforcement officers to petition U.S. district courts to issue federal extreme protection orders that would temporarily prohibit individuals from purchasing or possessing firearms.

That puts family member and police in charge of the 2nd Amendment. When will they get to the First Amendment?

The Senate has been engaged in bipartisan gun negotiations with RINOs and Democrats. RINOs are mostly Democrats.


Red flag laws are a point of agreement between the RINOs and the Democrats. If they think people will vote for them based on the polls, they could be wrong.

They came up with short and long term orders. Fourteen days for 180 days for short and long. There will be a hearing and a judge.

What that means is we are giving up our due process rights and vicious people can exploit the opportunity.

Petitioners must provide evidence that the individual of concern poses an imminent risk to themselves or others by purchasing, possessing or receiving firearms or ammunition. For long-term orders, petitioners must prove that the subject of the measure poses an injury risk to themselves or others through buying, possessing or receiving a firearm or ammunition.

We don’t know what constitutes “proof.”

First problem with all this is these mandates nationalize the 2nd Amendment and the second problem, aside from due process, is that it turns the 2nd Amendment over to some judge.

People have the right to a gun and to defend themselves. Politicians do not have the right to take liberties away. There is a process for that and they are ignoring it.

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