MSM Ignores Near Murder of a Justice But Can’t Stop Pushing the J6 Show


White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain appeared on Nicole Wallace’s MSNBS show last night. She didn’t ask one question about the near-killing of Justice Kavanaugh.

Protesters were at Justice Kavanaugh’s home last night and the DOJ isn’t doing a thing about it.

The House of Representatives passed a resolution to condemn replacement theory and a gun control measure yesterday. But they couldn’t be bothered passing a bill to add more security protecting Justices.

We already talked about the fact that the NY Times put it way on the bottom of the front page in small print.

The really urgent news is the J6 show coming up this evening where they try to condemn Donald Trump, his advisors and followers.

Killing a Justice apparently doesn’t compare.

Yesterday, the media blatantly lied. CBS claimed five police officers were murdered by rioters. The only one killed was a protester.

The media coverage in the last twenty-four hours of Kavanaugh’s would-be killer discredits all coverage of J6 tonight. The Washington Post called him the “man with the gun. They never stop with the propaganda.

The only station not covering the J6 show is Fox and they are getting trashed for it. Why does it matter if one station doesn’t cover it? It gives people a choice but that’s what the producers of the J6 show don’t want.

People are done with the overhyped J6 riot while antifa and BLM agitators burned down buildings, hurt police officers and others.

The media and many politicians don’t care about the near assassination of a Justice but we have to care about a professionally produced performance by truly despicable people.

The performance will be over-the-top hate and allegations and it’s aimed at harming Republicans so Democrats can win in November. The hard left hasn’t completed their destruction of the country yet.

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