Houston Texans Hold a Massive Hate America Protest During the Anthem


The 250-plus pound snowflake players of the Houston Texans held a massive protest Sunday, kneeling for the anthem, locking arms or holding hands on the sideline. National media in attendance put the number of players standing at about 10.

The social media trolls joined the players and the MSM in railing against owner Rob McNair, calling him a racist for using a common everyday expression.

At the NFL owners’ meetings last week, McNair had expressed frustration with the way that the protest had affected the NFL’s business. In fact, the leftist NFL executives at the meeting told the owners how it would be and they, the Obama plants in the NFL, were in charge. Owners were to have little to say.

McNair said in exasperation, “We can’t have the inmates running the prison.” He apologized on at least two occasions for this nothing figure of expression aimed at the suits and Roger Goodell, but players decided to make it a cause célèbre. They want to silence people who disagree with them.

This has nothing to do with McNair and everything to do with silencing the opposition while showing hate and disrespect for patriotism, our flag, our anthem.

The MSM is igniting tensions. The Washington Post for example reported: McNair’s inflammatory comment came during the Oct. 17 meeting in New York in which players and owners sought to find a way to take their anthem demonstrations into community action after their message about social injustice and police brutality was lost in tweets and comments by President Trump and others.

Inflammatory? Really?

The Washington Post suggested the nearly 80 year old McNair be forced to sell his team. McNair is a Trump supporter and that’s the real problem. Take that as a threat because that is how they mean it.

They wrote:

McNair’s comments reminded a number of athletes of Donald Sterling, who was forced to sell the Los Angeles Clippers because of racist comments a few years ago. Richard Sherman of the Seahawks believes players would boycott if they had guaranteed contracts. “I appreciate when people like that show who they really are,” Sherman said of McNair’s comments. “More people in the world have to be that kind and that open about how they really feel so you can identify them — and make sure you stay away from those kind of people, and keep those people out of power.

“But, you know, of course they have to sit back and apologize, because it’s politically correct to apologize. But eventually you have to take people for their word and for who they are. For most players, even when once we apologize they still take what we said and judge us by it. So you should do the same with him.”

These players are useful idiots for the hard left. If they think it’s racist to say, we can’t have inmates running the prison, well, all we can say is — point taken. Maybe some of them who have been arrested should try to stay out of jail.

A coalition of leftist players have invited McNair and Goodell to a meeting next week with Colin Kaepernick. The goal is to force McNair’s re-education and it’s a chance for the players to make McNair grovel.

The leftists have spoken.

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