Houthis Claim Victory as US Leaves to Build Hamas’s Pier


The clip below begins with an update about how the pier building is proceeding outside of Gaza. It is supposed to be a landing spot for humanitarian aid. Israelis are supposed to control one facet, the US another, and the Gazans (Hamas) the other.

The problem is that Hamas will regard anyone besides themselves as a target. They have made that declaration.

What is the security provided? There are some Israeli and US ships.

This pier effort is another idiotic effort by the US administration.

It’s entirely weather-dependent. It’s totally open. There is no place for these vessels to shelter. You’re talking about a tremendous expense.

In the Red Sea, the US and the Brits had set up a wall between cargo ships and the Houthis. Now that the US has mostly been deployed to the Mediterranean, and there are very few escorts left.

Iran has seized four vessels at this time while we’re building a pier for Hamas. Other hot spots and Somali piracy cannot be addressed. We just don’t have the ships.

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