How Terrorists Treat Hostages


There isn’t much information on how the hostages were treated, but what we do know is bad enough. They were told not to speak about it. In any case, they’re afraid to say too much for fear of what might happen to the rest of the hostages still held.

Some information has come out, and it’s what you would expect from terrorists. It is evil.

Children had their legs burned in case they escaped, according to Yaniv Yaakov, the uncle of the brothers Or, 16, and Yagil, 12, who were freed on Nov. 27.

“Every child that Hamas took was taken on a motorcycle, and they took each child and put their leg in front of the exhaust pipe, which caused a burn to mark the children so that in case they ran away or fled, they could find them,” he said.

Twelve-year-old Eitan Yahalomi was forced to watch footage of the October 7 massacres. He is Israeli-French and was held for 52 days. Nine-year-old Emily Hand was so traumatized by the kidnapping that she thought Hamas held her for a year.

A Thai hostage who was released said that Jewish captives were beaten with electric cables. He said Israeli hostages are treated worse than other hostages.

Women and children are being held in cages. In the days immediately following the October 7 attacks, videos from Hamas’s Telegram channel showed child hostages being kept in cages for the majority of their time in captivity.

Hostages had little to eat and drink. They had one light meal a day.

Merav Mor Munder, the cousin of Keren Munder who was released on Friday, told N12 “There were days when there were no supplies, so they only ate pita bread. They were not tortured, but there were days when they barely had any food, in the last few days they only ate very little rice.”

Hostages were forced to write letters praising Hamas for the wonderful treatment.

Hamas took sex slaves.


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2 months ago

Finish the job Israel.