Tucker on the Pompeo Plot to Murder Julian Assange


Tucker Carlson reminds us all that Mike Pompeo tried to have [or discussed having] Julian Assange murdered in Ecuador.

Mike Pompeo and officials requested ‘options’ for killing Assange following WikiLeaks’ publication of CIA hacking tools, a US report citing former officials says.

Senior CIA officials during the Trump administration discussed abducting and even assassinating WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, according to a US report citing former officials.

Julian Assange after years in captivity.

The discussions on kidnapping or killing Assange took place in 2017, Yahoo News reported, when the fugitive Australian activist was entering his fifth year sheltering in the Ecuadorian embassy. The then CIA director, Mike Pompeo, and his top officials were furious about WikiLeaks’ publication of “Vault 7”, a set of CIA hacking tools, a breach that the agency deemed to be the biggest data loss in its history.

Pompeo and the CIA leadership “were completely detached from reality because they were so embarrassed about Vault 7”, Yahoo cites a former Trump national security official as saying. “They were seeing blood.”

The report is from September 2021.

If true, it’s horrific. Why is Assange even in prison? He’s not an American, so how can he be a traitor to America?

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