Huge Success Story, Democrats Win Deep Blue State Elections


Democrats won deep blue New Jersey and blue Virginia, which certainly proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump is the loser in this. At least that is what the media wants you, the voter. to believe. Headlines regale their great wins with furious joy as if they just lobbed off the President’s head.

Democrats and their media are also thrilled a transgender won over a heterosexual male in one Virginia county because outside of hating Trump, what matters to them is identity politics.

Virginia turned blue in 2009 and there they will stay because of the government union workers, the foreigners who are immediately registered as Democrats upon obtaining citizenship, and the voting felon population. The only shock would have been seeing the establishment Republican, boring Ed Gillespie win.

Virginia can now be proud that they elected a Progressive who is further left than any governor in their history. They too can be California.

New Jersey is deep blue and they were unhappy with Chris Christie. A miracle alone would have turned that election. Christie couldn’t overcome his Democrat legislature who sought to destroy him every day he held office.

Trump didn’t suffer a big blow as the media is portraying the outcome of the elections. Trump didn’t win those states in 2016 and Gillespie ran on the ‘Trump, Trump who’ ticket. Those states never were his to win.

Polls now show Democrats have a favorability rating of 37%, not too impressive, and Republicans who get beaten down daily by the MSM are at 30%.

Our political class is lettting us down, but Democrats are hardly the saviors with their tilt to the hard-left. Even the media can’t save the Democrats.

Favorable views of the Democratic Party have dropped to their lowest mark in more than a quarter century of polling, according to new numbers from a CNN poll conducted by SSRS.

Do they sound like the winners the press touts? They are also losing the fundraising battle to the Republicans.

Democrats see themselves winning the Congress next year and boast that they only need 24 seats to gain control of the House.

Unfortunately for them, support for Democrats has eroded quite a bit since 2009. The NY Post reports: In 2009, the Democrats held 256 seats in the House and 55 seats in the Senate. Today they hold 194 and 46 respectively. In that time, Dems lost 21 House seats in the key Midwestern states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Indiana, while Republicans gained 17 seats in these five states.

Democrats do not appeal to the working class. They beat up the working class white men with identity politics.

It is important to note that Hillary won only 490 counties while Trump won 2,622. The coastal states belong to Democrats but there aren’t enough of them to give them the victories they crave in the House.

The Senate remains to be seen. Republicans need more wins in the Senate because they have several fake Republicans taking up seats.

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6 years ago

I don’t believe these losses had anything to do with President Trump. That said, the Democrats outnumber the Republicans. That could be a problem in the future.

6 years ago

CNN and MSNBC are licking their chops acting and talking like Trump just lost all his voters and the 2020 election….GEEZZZ !!!!!

maurice caron
maurice caron
6 years ago

What we are not hearing is that there were also four special elections for House seats that were won by Republicans.