HUGE Trump caravan on LI New York


photo Judy Pepenella CSA

So, this afternoon, my friend and I — a Republican — planned to travel along with a pro-Trump caravan. We are on Long Island. We met some other friends and figured we would wait for it to pass by and then follow along with US flags attached to the windows.

The cars went by for hours – more than three hours to be exact – when we finally decided to just follow along to a town on Long Island called Riverhead. Most of the caravan was going to the end of the Island on the North Fork — Greenport. We weren’t that ambitious.

There were hundreds of cars and on the way back, we saw the caravan was still traveling out East.

It’s a shame that politicians have taken the vote of the right-wing away in New York. It’s set up so the majority opinion only weighs in on the presidential election. Meanwhile, an awful lot of silent Americans who came out today would vote for Trump.

We know he’s not a racist, sexist, homophobe whatever.

This is where we stood for hours:

There was a counter-protest of a car full of Black Lives Matter dopey kids cursing and a few old lefties by the side of the road — but that was it.

People should know that there are a lot of Americans, even in New York, who are silenced by the rules. Our votes don’t count — only the majority gets a vote.

We back the blue, we support the Constitution, we will fight for freedom, and we don’t know why this is suddenly a bad thing.

This clip shows what went on for three hours and we left before it was over. Some people were rude but we were in the heart of leftist Suffolk County:

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