Hummer EV Is THE Status Symbol But It Costs $100 per Charge


General Motors abandoned the Hummer in 2010 but it’s back in 2022 as an all-electric Hummer. The pickup is a beast with up to 1000 horsepower, three electric motors and a range of about 329 miles per charge. It goes from zero to 60 in 3.3 seconds.

Hummer Ev

In its review of the Hummer, Car and Driver said its testing at 75 mph showed a 290-mile range between charges.

It can crab sideways – drive diagonally – which is apparently fun off road. That’s what they say and for all this, you only have to spend between $84,000 and $110,000 depending on which edition you buy.

It’s so popular that GMC says 77,500 people have placed reservations.

The beast is 9,063 pounds, of which 2,923 pounds is the weight of the battery alone, according to the EPA filings.

For all that, it will cost $100 to charge. In the US, electric is fueled by coal, nuclear, natural gas, and the US is eliminating them.

The “fast” charge took 1 hour and 49 minutes, Car and Driver reports.

You can get your own charging station at home for up to $12,000+ but it takes longer to charge.

The type of person who buys a Hummer on Long Island is called an EastEnder. They’re the Hampton’s crowd. They are often the people with the expensive weekend houses.

I’ve yet to see a dirty Hummer here on Long Island.

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1 year ago

When you look at the Initial Cost, the Cost of Charging, the Impact on the Power Grid, and the horrific environmental impact of EVs, they are terrible vehicles. Democrats can push this manure because Environmentalist Cult Members are Mentally Deranged Morons. Small City Cars, which can be produced for under $10,000 and charged from a standard wall socket overnight are almost practical. An Electric Hummer is just a Status Symbol for the Rich as was the Original Hummer.

1 year ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

My daughter just laughed at my post and said those Rich People will have to put in a Diesel generating Station to keep their Hummers charged and carry it around on a trailer when they take a trip. (LOL)

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

ya that 77,500 does not include any average American. Note that the filthy NY gov and mayor have posted ads in low-income nabes for EVs, perhaps targeting their “empowered” illegal drug smugglers as get-away cars. Stupid does as stupid is.