Hungary to Tax the Aids’ Groups Pushing Massive Migration


Taxing The Globalists

Hungarian President Viktor Orbán will tax people who support massive migration of Muslims. The non-stop migration is changing the very face of Western civilization and threatens to change the culture of Hungary.

In accordance with the President’s agenda, Hungarian lawmakers have approved a 25 percent tax on financial or material support for groups promoting migration.

This special tax is based on their belief that the massive immigration of Muslims threatens Christianity in the country.

Most of the people entering Hungary are doing so illegally. The aids’ groups encourage it and provide material support to the migrants.

The bill says revenues from the new tax can be used only on border defense. It also says it is meant to counteract the propaganda from aid groups as they present migration only in a positive light.

The tax, according to the lawmakers, will help offset all the problems and expenses these groups create.

Far-left Amnesty International said the levy is punitive, meant to hurt organizations “which think and say differently from the government on migration.”

On the other hand, one could conclude from their statement that protecting sovereignty is punitive. There was a time when these aid groups — that are encouraging an actual invasion, not simply migration — would be looked at as seditious. It’s not really migration so much as invasion.

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