Hunter Demands Criminal Probe Into Trump Allies Who Shared Laptop Contents


Hunter Biden screenshot posted by Hunter himself.

Hunter’s lawyers, aka Hunter, demand that federal and state prosecutors nationwide open criminal investigations into his critics on Wednesday. On the one hand, he admits it’s his laptop; on the other, he wants to bankrupt people who have every right to share the information for the public good. They all happen to be Trump allies.

Biden’s attorney Abbe Lowell wrote letters to the Justice Department and Delaware attorney general calling for investigations into Rudy Giuliani, Steve Bannon, and John Mac Issacs, the computer repairman who owned the laptop once Hunter violated the signed agreement. They also sent cease and desist letters to others who disseminated the contents.

Hunter also wants attorney Robert Costello, Trump allies Garrett Ziegler, Jack Maxey, and Yaacov Apelbaum criminally investigated.

Lowell said they had no right to the contents or to share it with the media. They called it a “failed dirty trick.”

“Dirty tricks” are usually deceitful smears, not truthful evidence of criminal corruption affecting an election, as it is in Hunter’s case. The only reason it failed is that the media covered it up.

Lowell claims it distorts the truth and hurts Hunter.

The people who shared the contents revealed Hunter’s own documents. They didn’t have to make up a thing.

In a separate letter, Biden’s attorneys have also asked Fox News host Tucker Carlson to retract and apologize for what they say are false and defamatory claims made repeatedly about him on-air, including implying without evidence that he had unauthorized access to classified documents found at his father’s home.

Republicans should demand investigations into all the lies, and dirty tricks pulled on Donald Trump and his associates, especially on Rudy Giuliani. Democrats bankrupt people who tell the truth.

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1 month ago

This degenerate was raised by other degenerates not to take responsibilty for his actions, depraved and otherwise.

1 month ago

Good Luck with that! You offend your laptop because you were probably too high on drugs to remember what shop you took it to.

1 month ago

The fact is Hunter Biden signed a contract that said that if he didn’t come back and obtain his laptop or the recovered data after a certain period of time, Hunter would forfeit the laptop and its contents.