Hunter Laptop Deniers at Today’s Hearing


Democrats are Hunter laptop deniers and conspiracy theorists. Even when the evidence is in their face, they can’t see it. Their denialism is probably rooted in deception more than delusion, but who can say.

Rep. Stansbury is a major denier. She called the laptop a “political conspiracy theory that was planted in the media by Rudy Giuliani to support Donald Trump.” If she believes that, she is deluded.

Silly AOC calls the story “alleged” and blames the victimized NY Post for their own censorship. She called the laptop story “half-fake” without any evidence. She’s a denier.

Democrats will make up any story to not admit the Hunter Biden laptop is real, even though the reporting was solid. Moskowitz is calling Mac Isaac a “leaker.” That’s ridiculous. Chalk up another denier.

At one point, Rep. Jaime Raskin intervened to stop former Twitter executive Jim Baker from answering whether he talked to John Brennan, James Clapper, or any of the corrupt 51 former intelligence officials who signed onto the lie that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation. That’s why they continually go back to J6. They need that as a diversion.

Baker tried to say he thought it was fake or hacked. He’s trying to sell us snow in the wintertime, and he’s a denier.

Don Lemon’s a major laptop denier. He tried to delegitimize the story by attacking the reporters. Who cares who got the evidence anyway? It’s true. Besides, I’d trust the NY Post before activist liars like CNN or The Washington Post.


As if that isn’t enough, Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit has the smoking gun in the Biden extortion of Ukraine. They have a damning email.

Biden boasted at a foreign relations meeting at UPenn about threatening Ukraine with the loss of $1 billion if they didn’t fire the prosecutor looking into Burisma corruption. Hunter was on the Burisma board and making a lot of money for nothing but his name.

Biden did get the prosecutor fired.

The Gateway Pundit has a smoking gun email from the laptop in which Burisma asks Hunter to stop an investigation of Burisma.  This email was sent in 2014.

Hunterused influence to shut down a probe of Burma.


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