Hunter seeks to delay paternity deposition until after primary votes


Hunter Biden wants his paternity deposition delayed until after key primary votes. If it’s partly to contain the bad press, he is the least of Joe’s problems. His father is his own worst enemy, far more a problem than the son’s possibly criminal behavior.

The deposition is scheduled for next week in Arkansas. Since he’s a Democrat, we can probably expect a long delay.

Brent M. Langdon, Hunter Biden’s attorney, argued in the court filing that his client was unable to appear in Little Rock, Arkansas for the looming deposition next week, calling it “unduly burdensome and oppressive,” free beacon reported.

Lawyers for his baby mama, Lunden Alexis Roberts, offered Biden the option of doing the court-ordered deposition on March 3—which is Super Tuesday—or on March 5.

“Let me know what day works best for your client. If your client hasn’t picked a day by tomorrow at 5:00 p.m., I will pick the day,” Roberts’s lawyer Jennifer Lancaster wrote to Langdon in a Feb. 17 email filed in the court record on Tuesday.

Biden’s attorney said he’s not available.

“My client can be available April 1, 2020,” Biden’s lawyer wrote 12 minutes before the deadline on Feb. 18. “My client cannot be available prior to that date.”

On Monday, Roberts’s attorneys filed a court notice for Biden to appear at the Bushman Court Reporting office in Little Rock for the deposition at 9 a.m. on March 5.

Biden’s attorney slammed the notice. It’s in the middle of the crucial votes.

Biden should pay for his baby and cut the crap.

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