Revolutionaries cheer overturning the US government


Democrat Stephen Wukela, the mayor of Florence, South Carolina, called the Bernie Sanders “radicals” and “socialists.” With that, the Bernie supporters cheered and applauded.

This took place at a rally in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, days before the state’s Feb. 29 primary election.

Wukela began, “Alright Myrtle Beach! How does it feel to be a bunch of radicals? A bunch of revolutionaries? A bunch of socialists here in Myrtle Beach?”

When they heard that, the rallygoers went wild.

They do plan to overturn our form of government. Stop saying they are “transforming” the government. They aren’t, they’re serious about overturning capitalism, our society, and all that we stand for — it’s why they hate the Constitution. The Constitution stands in their way.

There is a long story as to why so many minorities have turned into Marxists, but they have. Republicans have done a poor job of winning them back. It’s hard to compete with Dems who offer freebies for select identity groups.

You see, Wukela is one of the Sanders communists and he’s in South Carolina, a red state with a 25% black population.  It is important to note here that many of these people don’t realize Bernie is a communist. Everyone lies about what he is.

When Bernie calls it a political revolution, he means revolution, period.


Wukela said: “For decades, they called him a radical. And they’ve called him a socialist, and they’ve called him a revolutionary.”

“They told us time and time again that someone who said these truths [that socialism is the answer] can’t be elected. Someone who says these truths is promising you things that are impossible. That’s what they’ve told us.

I notice something about these folks who tell us that Senator Sanders is not electable: These are the same guys that lost to Donald Trump. These same guys that are telling us that Bernie Sander is not electable are the same people who lost to him in Iowa.

They’re the same people who lost to him in New Hampshire. And they’re the same people that are going to lose to him in South Carolina.

Because we know what we want. We’re tired of being told this nonsense! We know that in South Carolina and on Super Tuesday and the rest of the year, we’re going to take back this country.  And we’re electing Bernie Sanders the president of the United States.”

At that point, the crowd roared, chanting: “We want Bernie! We want Bernie! We want Bernie!”

He is called a radical because he is, make no mistake about that. They are revolutionaries, and if they can’t win this way, they would gladly burn the place down. Radicals lie, get used to it. They also accuse others of doing what they are doing. The reason so many elderly reject this ideology is because the lived through communism/socialism or they lived through the aftermath. That matters. Reading it in texts isn’t the same, especially with the leftist professors we have today.

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