Hunter’s Business Partner Moved 1,850 Boxes of Biden’s Sensitive Docs


According to Josh Boswell at Daily Mail Online, Hunter Biden’s business partner moved 1,850 boxes of sensitive documents (not necessarily classifed – we don’t know) from then-VP Joe Biden’s White House office. Allegedly, lawyers WARNED HIM about including “Obama-Biden transition papers,” which Joe “likely did not own.”

The Story

Hunter Biden’s business partner from Rosemont Seneca, Eric Schwerin, was tasked with transferring sensitive papers from Joe Biden’s vice presidential office to the University of Delaware. The papers were sensitive enough to require the involvement of White House lawyers, claims.

Schwerin handled Joe’s taxes and personal affairs. He was in charge of moving an archive of 1,850 boxes of files from the vice president’s DC office that were being donated to the University of Delaware in 2010.

Most of the documents were from Biden’s time as a Delaware senator. Also included were Obama-Biden presidential transition team papers.

Eric Schwerin

In a March 2010 email from Hunter’s laptop, Joe’s deputy counsel Katherine Oyama wrote to Schwerin warning that the ‘Deed of Gift’ document to the university “appears to include Obama-Biden transition papers, which the vice president likely does not own.”

They are potentially classified, and a VP isn’t entitled to these papers.

A Newark Post report from the time said the records arrived on 33 pallets carried by two trucks and also included 415 gigabytes of electronic records.

Republican senator Ted Cruz called this week for the FBI to examine the boxes.

We have no idea if the documents were classified or who had access to them.

The White House isn’t transparent and won’t share any information. Hunter is tied to foreign interests relying on his father’s name. And Joe Biden is known for being careless with classified documents. It’s reasonable to be concerned, especially since they were moved by Hunter’s partnern Erick Schwerin who did not have permission to go through classified documents.

Some classified documents were recently found at UPenn Biden Center and in his Wilmington home and garage.

CNN reported claims from an anonymous source close to the investigation that the documents contained intelligence material relating to Ukraine, Iran, and the UK and that Joe’s personal notebooks from his time as Vice President was also retrieved from the home in case they contained classified information.

Hunter served on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian gas company Burisma, worked with Russian oligarchs, and had a multi-million-dollar deal with a Chinese government-linked oil company, raising fears that he could have had access to restricted files while dealing with foreign adversaries of the United States.

We don’t know if Hunter went through any classified documents, but he did live in the Wilmington home for a time in 2018.

We don’t have any more substantive information, but the hypocrisy is as ridiculous as usual. Joe Biden tore into Donald Trump over classified documents in his home that he declassified. He took them for his library and memoir.

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1 year ago

Here’s an idea! Since the DoJ and FBI can’t be trusted, have the Military investigate. Have the Intel Committee appoint some credible JAG Officers with Top Secret Clearances to look into the President’s Documents under the UCMJ because the President after all is the Commander-in-Chief of the Military. While the Constitution only specifies Impeachment as a means to remove the president from office, that doesn’t mean the Military can’t investigate and try the Commander-in-Chief, just like any General, for Crimes. If the Military evidence is strong enough, Impeachment should just be a formality before his execution.

I suspect the Documents that President Trump took were to preserve evidence of the Biden Crime Family’s crimes. That is why the Raid to get control of them. They will quietly disappear. What I suspect is now going on is a mop up operation to contain the Crimes of the Biden Crime Family. At this point, the Biden Crime Family can’t have classified documents showing up on the front page of News Papers like the Pentagon Papers did.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

Hope he had a strong back.
1,850 file boxes from Amazon with a 60 pound capacity or 12 reams of paper, if filled to capacity would weigh 55.5 tons. If considerately kept to 25 pounds in a female friendly facility (*probably an OSHA requirements to save backs) that is still 23 tons.
Wait a minute! The investigators have it all wrong. Poor Joe needed cash and was recycling waste paper. (Check your local prices!!!)
It not his fault some idiot threw away the wrong papers. Give the poor OLD man a break. Next he will be picking up bottles on the street pushing a shopping cart.
I am an old man (I lied I am a young 78 and very active) and I hate sites that pick on us poor old guys.