Hunter’s Too Poor to Pay $20,000 a Month Child Support


Hunter Biden was in court today trying to get his $20,0000 a month in child support payments reduced for the four-year-old daughter he and his family ignore.

Hunter Biden’s lawyers said he’s too poor to pay. His Porsche was repossessed. While traveling with his father in Ireland, he had to sleep on a cot in his father’s room since he couldn’t afford a hotel.

Hunter’s paying $20,000 in monthly child support and has given $750,000 in total to Lunden Roberts, the mother of their child.

CBS News reports he will need to sit for a sworn deposition and answer additional written questions about his investments, art sales, and other financial transactions as part of a paternity-related case, an Arkansas judge said Monday.

The Free Beacon reports his lawyers painted Hunter as impoverished:

The president’s son, who made millions of dollars off deals and cushy board positions for foreign companies in the past decade, now has no salary, had his Porsche repossessed, and was forced to sleep on a cot in his father’s room during a recent presidential trip to Dublin, Biden’s lawyers told the court. He has also stooped to taking financial support from a generous friend, Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris, the court heard on Monday…

During the hearing, Biden’s lawyers said his only income is a percentage of his art sales from a New York gallery and that Biden is unable to provide a list of who has bought his paintings and how much they are worth. Lowell said Biden doesn’t know the names of any of the buyers under an agreement with the gallery, which is intended to avoid political influence-peddling.

Hunter’s poor or he has Bahama accounts?

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