Escape From New York…and California… and Illinois


The Epoch Times reports that IRS tax migration data shows taxpayers were escaping high-tax states from 2020 to 2021. We can reasonably guess it’s continuing. California, New York, and Illinois residents want to escape taxes and crime. Those states experienced the nation’s most significant loss of people and money.

California’s tax base shrank by nearly $29.1 billion as the Golden State saw a net loss of 332,000 taxpayers, according to the IRS migration data released Thursday.

In second place was New York, hit by a net loss of $24.5 billion and 262,000 people. Illinois was third, with a net loss of $10.9 billion and 105,000 people.

Other high-tax states such as Massachusetts ($2.6 billion) and New Jersey ($2.3 billion) also saw tens of thousands of people moving out during the period.

Florida did well, with a net gain of $39.1 billion in gross income from 256,000 new residents. Texas also gained $10.9 billion and 175,000 people. They were followed by Nevada ($4.6 billion), North Carolina ($4.5 billion), Arizona ($4.4 billion), South Carolina ($4.2 billion), and Tennessee ($4.1 billion).

Illegal aliens are pouring into those states, and it’s hard to know how that will affect the economy, but it can’t be good.

California, New York, and Illinois have loose law enforcement. Many leave because of crime. That’s true of New York City, yet people voted for more of it. They could have had Lee Zeldin in Albany.

New York City will be illegal aliens, homeless, and criminals, with some wealthy people who can’t leave.

These states want your money and your guns as they make the cities more dangerous. In New York, Hochul is determined to urbanize the suburbs with 800,000 high-rise and low-cost housing developments in single-family neighborhoods where people of all races go to escape crime.

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
7 months ago

When you escape the mess you created with your stupid leftist ideas and whom you voted for, don’t come here!

7 months ago

The Trend is obvious. Conservatives are leaving and Liberals are consolidating their power. The Liberal States will Collapse and Fly over country will sue for a Divorce instead of bail them out.