ICE Files to Divorce AFL-CIO and AFGE for Trying to Erase Them


The unionists in the unions representing ICE have labeled the officers “Nazis” and racists. The parent unions representing them support ‘defund the police’ candidates with members’ dues. Their own unions want to erase them.

ICE has had enough.

The ICE Council is filing charges with the Labor Department to seek financial autonomy from its parent unions, the AFL-CIO, and the American Federation of Government Employees, The Washington Times reports.

They aren’t getting representation from the union that wants to erase the 7600-member union.

The parent unions, the AFL-CIO, and the AFGE won’t give them autonomy or freedom to manage their affairs.


“AFGE and the AFL-CIO became far-left organizations a long time ago,” Chris Crane, the council’s president, told The Washington Times. “They don’t care about workers. They only care about their far-left agendas and politics. The corruption and misspending in the organization are out of control. ICE employees want no part in it.”

The complaint asks the Labor Department for an audit of the parent organizations and protection from retaliation.

The unions have embraced the illegal immigrants, and their leaders have rushed to condemn ICE’s enforcement operations under the Trump administration, according to ICE, The Washington Times reports.

The New Republic published an article in 2019 that called for union leaders to be proactive and cancel the National ICE Council. The AFL-CIO and AFGE are doing exactly that – they hope to erase ICE.

“When it will benefit AFGE politically not to support ICE dues-paying members, or when any chance exists that support of ICE employees could be perceived negatively by the administration or congressional Democrats, AFGE will not support its members in the ICE Council or its Locals. Such conflicts of interest have occurred under previous Democrat administrations,” the complaint says.

The Biden administration has made it worse, Crane says.

Mr. Crane warned the AFGE in letters last year that it would ask for the divorce. He said the federation sucks up council dues that are supposed to be used for member services but deliver “little to no services in return.”

“I am not aware of any other union that openly campaigns to have the jobs of its members eliminated,” Mr. Crane wrote. “When AFGE supports electing abolish-ICE politicians to positions of power and influence, that’s exactly what it’s doing.”

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