Katie Britt Wins Sen. Race Over Mo Brooks


One of the key contests people were watching is Representative Mo Brooks of Alabama, a six-term congressman, facing Trump-endorsed Katie Britt in a runoff election for the Alabama senate seat.  President Trump rescinded his endorsement of Mr. Brooks earlier this year and endorsed Ms. Britt.

Katie Britt won 63% to 37%. She is retiring Senator Shelby’s Chief of Staff.

The Trump-backed candidate in Alabama Casey Wardynski (36.6%) lost to Gale Strong (63.4%).

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

The 2 candidates are similar.

Brooks made an incredible blunder when he returned to the stage after a speech and ridiculed questioning the 2020 election. He was appealing to the corrupt establishment. He lost lots of votes with that stunt. His best hope of winning was fully aligning with Trump. The GOPe lured him into an unforced error.