ICE set to release 693 people here illegally over the virus


ICE is planning to release 693 illegal aliens onto our streets since they are at the highest risk of contracting coronavirus and the detention centers are crowded.

At least 160 were released since they were over the age of 60 or pregnant with anchor babies.

The released people will have to wear ankle monitors among other restrictions. ICE considered whether they would be a flight risk as part of their decision to release them.

ICE holds about 34,000 illegal aliens.

The decision comes on the heel of mounting pressure from Democrats and radical, far-left pro-immigrant groups who have demanded the mass liberation of more than 34,000 who are incarcerated and remain at risk of contracting the deadly coronavirus.

ICE conducted a study of its detained population and found that hundreds of others who suffered lung illness or other medical conditions qualified to be released after the first 160 were set free.

“As a special response to this particular crisis, ICE has instructed its field offices to further assess for the purpose of considering releases of certain individuals deemed to be at greater risk of exposure,” Ken Cuccinelli, Acting Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, told reporters, according to Fox News.

“ICE continues to reevaluate all individuals in custody who make up vulnerable populations and they’ve been modifying practices based on recommendations of the CDC.”

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