Idaho mom arrested for refusing to leave park in an act of civil disobedience


A mother was arrested in Meridian, Idaho, for letting her children play in the park during a planned act of civil disobedience. The park was declared off bounds by the governor. There were many other people in the group but she was the lucky one police chose. The officers handcuffed her in front of her children. She was taken to the station.

They’re making a criminal out of a mom with her two young children.

Sara Brady is an advocate of a movement urging Idahoans to disobey the governor’s stay at home order.

Forty-year-old Sarah Brady was arrested at Kleiner Park in Meridian Tuesday afternoon.

Brady and others gathered at the playground were asked several times to leave. After telling the officer to arrest her, she turned her back to him while putting her hands behind her.

“Do it,” she said.

The police said she violated city orders to stay out of parks, but are the orders reasonable?

This is similar to what Barack Obama did when he forced the closing of government in that it seems like an overreach. Obama shut down all the open-air museums like the WWII memorial even though they didn’t require guards. He even ordered the closure of cutouts in the roads that allowed people to pull over and look at the scenic parks closed to them at the time.

If people stay 6 feet apart, should they be allowed in the taxpayer-funded park?

She faces the charge of trespassing on a closed playground. She also violated the governor’s order. Each charge carries a 1,000 fine and six months in jail which is absurd.

Her arrest appears to be the first in a state that’s been hesitant to enforce the order over the past month, though at least one citation was issued last week.

On Friday, Rathdrum Police in north Idaho issued the misdemeanor citation to Christa Thompson after she and her husband continued to hold a yard sale after being warned multiple times over several days that it violated the governor’s order.

An attorney for Thompson disputes that, saying she was initially told by Rathdrum Police that a yard sale was allowed.

Also in Idaho, some non-essential businesses have begun to open.

Middleton Fitness opened. Slick’s Bar in Nampa also plans to reopen Saturday, saying “we truly do not care if you disagree” with the decision in a Facebook post.

Idaho has or had 1766 cases and 51 deaths as of today.

we live in a police state.

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