If Dems Win, They Vow to Eliminate a Third Branch of Government


According to The Hill, Democrats are proposing many reforms to the Supreme Court. The list includes efforts to apply term limits to Supreme Court justices. They want to establish a formal—and enforceable—code of ethics by which the justices must abide. Naturally, they want to stack the court and increase the number of justices on the court. In te least, they want to grant Congress greater oversight powers over their conduct.

Some lawmakers are calling for the impeachment of several conservative justices who won’t recuse themselves in cases where Democrats claim there are conflicts of interest.

They likely won’t have the power, but it makes for good ads to get their leftists to the polls. If they could do it, they would.

The Ad Buy

Axios reported on Wednesday that the Biden administration is all in on the strategy.  They launched a seven-figure ad buy to call attention to the Supreme Court’s presidential immunity decision.

Every idea they have destroys the Court as a third branch of government, beginning with their desire to have Congress provide oversight. That would politicize the Court. Democrats have several bills to apply layers of scrutiny to the Court.

Some proposals want to give Congress the power to investigate them for alleged unethical conduct.  Some Senate Democrats already pursue them over nothing.

“At minimum, in our system of checks and balances with separate and co-equal branches of government, it is Congress’s responsibility to engage in responsible oversight over the judicial branch,” Jeffries said earlier in the year. “And I certainly think that the first opportunity we have to do just that, we will not shy away from oversight, but we will engage in it.”

In other words, Democrats want to destroy the Supreme Court as a third branch of government. If they have the power, they will make it a subsidiary of Congressional Democrat’s ever-expanding power base.

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