Florida Documents Case Delayed Over SCOTUS Immunity Ruling


Journalist Julie Kelly reports that Judge Aileen Cannon has delayed the Trump documents case in Florida until later this month. Julie Kelly believes the hearing will be in August. It’s a crack in the case that favors Donald Trump. It’s unlikely this case will be heard before November 5th.

Trump’s legal team requested a delay due to the Supreme Court’s decision on immunity.

They contend that the Department of Justice should not have kept some classified documents after leaving office. They cited the Presidential Records Act.

Additionally, the Trump filing states that the prosecutors should not have used protected documents as evidence.

The DOJ’s case stems from the Department of Justice’s allegation that Trump should not have kept some classified documents after leaving office. In his defense, Trump has cited the Presidential Records Act.

The request:

“President Donald J. Trump respectfully submits this motion for (I) leave to file supplemental briefing regarding the implications of Trump v. United States for the pending Presidential-immunity motion, ECF No. 324; and (2) a partial stay of further proceedings-with the exception of the pending gag-order motion, ECF No. 592-until President Trump’s motions based on Presidential immunity and the Appointments and Appropriations Clauses are resolved.”

“A partial stay that pauses CIPA and other litigation is warranted based on the reasoning in Trump, and such a stay would be consistent with DOJ policies and practices that the Special Counsel’s Office claims to be bound by but is largely ignoring…”

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