If Only We Had a 1st Amendment, We’d Have Press in El Paso


Free Press

The New York Post reported this week on the 100+ migrants who stormed the gates to enter the United States through El Paso. About 600 came in at once after the rampage. The reporters took video of the event that went viral. Jennie Taer was one of the reporters. She is now blocked, along with other reporters, from even observing what goes on in that location.

The video showed Americans that the USA is becoming a third-world country – by design.

If only we had a Constitutional Republic and a 1st Amendment, our media could photograph mobs of illegal aliens – I mean Newcomers – knocking over Border Patrol to enter the country violently.

The Border Patrol wants the media to stay away and not contact migrants, aka illegal aliens.

If you haven’t seen the viral video they don’t want you to see, here it is:

These violent people were armed with knives and shanks.

Let’s not forget that Impeached Secretary Mayorkas bragged about having “rescinded so many Trump immigration policies it would take so much time to list them.”

One thing that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said last year was very concerning. He said that the liberal Republicans in the Texas Legislature have basically surrendered. They believe that it will be a one-party state, and they’re not fighting it; they’re working with it. Yesterday, one of Bo Snerdley’s (James Golden’s) regular contributors, nicknamed Princess Di, said that she believes Republicans are leaving the House to make way for the Democratic majority, which will do whatever the deep state [government bureaucrats] wants.

It does feel like that, and it would make it easier for the UN’s [and WEF’s] New World Order to form.

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