If you haven’t heard this 2nd Amendment speech, it’s time


A common man in North Carolina who is not a politician has gained prominence for his impassioned speeches on behalf of the American right to keep and bear arms. He has stopped bad gun laws and is now running for high office in the state despite all odds.

That man, Mark Robinson, a former factory worker and day care operator from Greensboro, North Carolina, just won the Republican nomination to be the next lieutenant governor of the state, according to The Associated Press.

He is the only one of the candidates who is not a career politician.

The first-time candidate Mark Robinson also exceeded the 30% threshold needed to win outright and avoid a runoff. He came in second in the primary.

His gun rights defense has helped his speeches go viral to the public and he has received recognition from the Second Amendment supporters.

He gave a 4-minute speech after the city council attempted to forward proceeds from a gun show to a gun control group. That was an alleged compromise by the anti-gun mayor who wanted the gun shows permanently banned. This was after the Parkland, Florida shootings in an irresponsible school district.

Robinson’s 2018 recorded speech before the Greensboro council went viral, making him a nationwide speaker.

“The majority of people in this city are law abiding,” Robinson told council members, “and they follow the law and they want their constitutional right to bear arms.

“I am the majority! A law-abiding citizen who’s never shot anybody, never committed a serious crime, never committed a felony!

“I’ve never done anything like that, but it seems like every time we have one of these shootings, nobody wants to put the blame where it goes, which is at the shooter’s feet. You want to put it at my feet!”

Watch the April 2018 speech which brought him to the attention of the other ordinary Americans:

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3 years ago

Dauum he’s good! He said what many of us think! Will forward!

Live Free Or Don't
Live Free Or Don't
3 years ago

The common man knows best. It feels good being one. An unarmed man is slave and it doesn’t matter what race they are.
Anyone wanting to take away your God given right to self-defense has evil in their heart.

John Vieira
3 years ago

Think Adolf, Josef, Mao, Pol et al…What do these fine persons have in common??? They had the ability to EXTERMINATE millions of their fellow UNARMED countrymen!!! Notice it is the people that created and nurtures Antifa and BLM, armed MS 13, gave you “catch and release” and “sanctuary” cities and states wherein even murderers are exempt from “prosecution” and deportation, sanctions “illegal” aliens and “open borders” – No Borders = No Country…that WANT to disarm YOU!!! THINK!!!!

herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Amen, a true patriot, race doesn’t matter, independence/freedom is the solution.

3 years ago

He’s got my vote in November!