Twitter bans mockery of boomers, Millennials, and all ages


Twitter issued a new ban on hateful conduct on the platform. All language that “dehumanizes” people on the basis of their age, disability or disease is banned.

“Today, we are further expanding this rule to include language that dehumanizes on the basis of age, disability or disease,” Twitter noted in a blog post announcing the update.

One example they gave of hateful conduct was, “All [Age Groups] are leeches and don’t deserve any support from us.”

This is a big plus for Joe Biden.

They also banned criticism of people Covid-19, Coronavirus, and disease in general. The example: “People with disease are rats and contaminate everyone around them.

Mocking people with disabilities is also banned.

“If reported, Tweets that break this rule pertaining to age, disease and/or disability, sent before today will need to be deleted, but will not directly result in any account suspensions because they were Tweeted before the rule was in place,” Twitter noted.

Twitter says it asked for feedback in 2018 which helped them make their decision. The responses — 8000 of them — came from people in 30 countries, not just the USA. We all must abide by the wishes of the world.

Twitter has previously banned people from dehumanizing religious groups after a tweet by Louis Farrakhan calling Jews “termites” resurfaced.

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The Hall Of Archives
The Hall Of Archives
3 years ago

What’s this Twitter that you speak of? Life will be just fine without out? Good deal.
What if it is grooming people to accept control of speech?
Once again who made these tech monopolists who live behind huge walls with armed guards the arbiters of all content?

John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

They really DO believe that they are the sole arbiters of ALL content…wonder if they will ban the likes of Google, NYT etc., that wish to rewrite history and arbitrarily change the definitions of “words” to shape their agenda???