If You Speak About It…Your Life Will Be Over in Some Way…


A Woman Is a Bio Male Who Dates Women But Says He’s a Woman

The following is an excerpt from The Daily Wire of a most chilling and shocking revelation about Lia Thomas and Penn State. It is taken from the documentary by Matt Walsh, “What Is a Woman”. It exposes the powerful, unrelenting, and agenda-driven voices behind the transgender movement. They are dangerous and they aren’t going away.

The Exposé by One Anonymous Female Athlete

A swimmer on the Penn State Swim team who competes with Lia Thomas, a man, spoke with Matt Walsh for his film, “What Is a Woman”.

The athlete told Walsh that even speaking about locker room concerns were disallowed. You’d be smeared as “transphobic”.

Lia Thomas is a man. He has a penis and dates females, according to teammates.

“If you even brought up concerns about it, you were ‘transphobic,’” she told Walsh.

“If you even bring up the fact that Lia’s swimming might not be fair, you’re immediately shut down and called a hateful person, or transphobic,” she continued.

Walsh asked if the coach spoke to them to at least acknowledge their concerns.

“So, Penn actually brought in people high up in the athletic department to talk to us, like brought in someone from the LGBTQ center, they brought in someone from psychological services,” the female swimmer explained.

“So, you’re upset, and you need some support about what’s happening, so you need psychological help,” Walsh interjected.

The higher-ups told the swimmers in no uncertain terms, “Lia’s swimming is a non-negotiable,” she recalled.

“They’ve made it pretty clear, if you speak up about it, your life will be over in some way, you’ll be blasted all over the internet as a ‘transphobe,’ … you’ll never be able to get a job,” the teammate told Walsh.


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And from Seth Dillon…the groomers…

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Ronald Harms
Ronald Harms
1 year ago

I have no use for perverts.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

In unity there is strength, all I see in this is cowardice. The athletes and coaches are irresponsible. They let lawyers and leftists bully them.