iHeart Radio Cancels “The Stew Peters Show”


“The Stew Peters Show” has been banned from iHeartRadio. This comes after Spotify banned the popular conservative radio host last fall. Neither gave any explanation for the ban.

Peters speaks on the Left’s forbidden topics: COVID-19, election integrity, and vaccine mandates.

“iHeartRadio and Spotify have now shown the world, without shame, that they are the propaganda arm of the communist, globalist genocidal machine, hellbent on the destruction of freedom, Christianity, and truth,” Peters said.

“Removing ‘The Stew Peters Show’ is a slap in the face of liberty-loving people around the globe, and a disgusting, shameful display of cowardice.”

“I highly doubt iHeartRadio and Spotify will be removing the propagandist lies and paid advertising from big pharmaceutical companies responsible for the real deaths of millions of people, which is indisputable proof that iHeartRadio and Spotify are willing to accept blood money in exchange for the killing of your fellow global citizens, neighbors, friends, loved ones and family,” he continued.

“It’s a total disgrace,” Peters said.

He was banned from Twitter last year for reporting on the deaths of two children forcibly vaccinated in Australia.

Mr. Peters is on Gab with over 100,000 followers, Gettr, Cozy.TV, T.me, and Telegram where he has over 335,000 subscribers. Some of his clips are on Rumble.

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keep my name out of it
keep my name out of it
1 year ago

About Apples profitable 2022, they pay big time for access to the CCP supply chain.
iHoles are the ultimate poseurs as they prattle on in their Prius while slave laborers work in factories with suicide nets.
Thanks for introducing me to Stew Peters censors of the unity collective, it sounds like it was something worth a listen.

O/T-Local Enemedia commercial just said “we are disrupters” a term used by co-president Pelosi of the CCP at a college commencement a few years back.