Immigration Lawyer: Immigrants “Are Going to Attack” Americans


Immigration lawyer Orlando Vazquez is exposing hardcore criminals coming from Venezuela. As a result, he says he receives two to three death threats a day for exposing gang members and people who worked on behalf of the Venezuelan communist regime. Mr. Vasquez says that they “are going to attack [Americans] at some point.”

He bought a gun.

Mr. Vazquez deals mostly with Venezuelan migrants who cross illegally into the United States. In the last few years, he has been dealing with asylum cases of people who are not asylum cases, and many are gang members.

“A lot of people claiming protection from their home country, the majority of them that I deal with are from Venezuela. The ones that have come in recently – most of them – don’t have asylum claims… most of these have admitted that they either supported Hugo Chavez or Maduro, and what I find interesting is that I tell them, OK, but that’s not an asylum claim. Why are you coming to request protection? They don’t even have a reason, or they can’t even articulate one, and they’re basically just say, ‘Well. I’m not really here for protection, you know? It’s just hard in our country.

“They don’t even realize that they were supporting the very regime that put them in this humanitarian crisis.

“What I’ve also been seeing that’s more concerning is that there’s a lot of criminals that come and blend in with these asylum seekers. They’re being released into our country, and they are not here to request asylum… they’re not going to show up to their court dates and are here to continue their life of crime. And that’s really what I’m seeing in the last few years, and I’ve seen that since the Biden administration took control of this country.

He doesn’t think people with machine guns tattooed on their faces should be here. A Democrat would say that’s profiling. A Republican would say – send him back.

Unfortunately, our border agents can’t make a call on that. They get lost in our country, and they commit crimes, Mr. Vazquez said.

Yet he has found that families who just want a better life are the first on the deportation list. [This is your administration; keep voting for Democrats.]

“You know, families with no criminal history, working, you know, not asking for public benefits, and they were prioritized for deportation, and that’s what just recently a family was deported that I was representing. Why have they not prioritized these criminals who have criminal convictions that they’ve had in their custody? Why are they not being prioritized… why are the family members, the family units being prioritized to be deported, and the criminals being left in our country?

[Sounds like Mayorkas wants the worst people here.]

Venezuela right now is actually safer, in my opinion, than the US. far as criminals, they’re in the US… they’re in New York, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Houston. I mean, they’re all across the US.

“Me, as a U.S. citizen someone, who loves my country someone, who … I have a duty to protect … if our Department of Homeland Security will not do it, then I feel that I have a duty to step up…” and at least start calling them out and letting them know that we know that they’re here.”

I never curse, but I have to say something I would never say FJB and the same goes for Barack Obama.

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