Mayor Adams Has Another Stupid Idea No One Likes


New York Mayor Eric Adams never ceases to disappoint when it comes to ridiculous ideas, from telling parents to take in strangers from around the world to putting migrants in a floodplain at Floyd Bennett Field. His latest is to tell parents they might have to volunteer to keep New York City schools safe after hundreds of newly trained safety agents were cut. Some parents were quite upset and said it’s not my job.

He wants the parents to work for free while he funds people here illegally.

The union, which represents school agents whom the NYPD employs as civilians, tore into Adams for the suggestion. “People pay taxes for professional services. Why should they even be asked to do the work that taxes pay for?” said Local 237 spokesman Hank Scheinkopf.

Safety agents patrol school buildings, operate scanners, and verify the identities of visitors. This is what he thinks parents should do.

Students bring guns to school, and he expects a parent to handle that.

Adams has warned about 15% cuts throughout the agencies in New York City due to the migrant crisis. That easily could have been averted if they had sent them home.

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