In DC, Drive like U.S embassy personnel in dangerous countries


Carjackings are an epidemic due to bad law enforcement. Author/reporter Luke Russert said, “It’s so bad that the police dept, in the nation’s capital, of the country that’s “leader of the free world” —recommends people drive like they’re U.S embassy personnel in dangerous countries.”

But, keep on voting for Progressive Democrats anyway.

The Carjackers Got Away From the Secret Service

Crime in America, especially in our big cities, has become an epidemic as police are defunded and Democrats insist on pro-criminal crime fighting. DC, the nation’s capital, is particularly problematic, especially when it comes to carjackings. For example, three people tried to break into an unmarked Secret Service vehicle while they were protecting Joe Biden‘s granddaughter, Naomi Biden.

The agents assigned to Naomi Biden were with her in Georgetown, an exclusive neighborhood, late Sunday night when three people broke the parked car’s window. The agents opened fire, and the thieves escaped.

There have been more than 750 carjackings this year in DC and more than 6000 reports of stolen vehicles in the district.

US Representative Henry Cuellar of Texas was carjacked near the capital last month by three armed criminals. They stole his car but didn’t harm him.

According to the AP, violent crime in DC is up more than 40% this year.

Mr. Russert says that the DC police department is down about 500-700 police officers [police were defunded], DC allows criminals to slip through the cracks and they don’t even have an accredited crime lab.

Juveniles are released and don’t pay much of a price for their crimes, and they keep escalating. Luke Russert says, “It’s clear juvenile crime is at a crisis point from truancy, carjackings, homicides, etc.”

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