Indianapolis Colts Say ‘It’s Just the Beginning’


The Indianapolis Colts wrote in a statement on their website Sunday that the kneeling is only the beginning because they have much more to do. Good, they won’t have anyone in the stands.

It’s funny, but when football season is over, I don’t hear of them volunteering to help the youth in Chicago so they don’t end up in gangs.

They promise to continue to disrespect our flag, our Anthem, our military while saying it’s not disrespecting the flag, Anthem, military. If it isn’t, then do it somewhere else.

They talk of police brutality but the overriding problem they ignore is gang activity and black on black violence.

The Colts are going to continue their politicization of football and more. “Some of our players may kneel, some may stand. But this is just the beginning,” the players wrote in a statement.

In their statement, they write they are kneeling for justice, equality, unity and respect which are all the latest buzzwords from the Marxists. They mean social justice, equity, unity with leftists, and respect for disrespect and divisive people of the left.

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