Informant Says Obama, Mueller Knew of Russian Scheme in Real Time


Circa News is closing in on the Russian scheme to take control of a significant share of our U.S. energy market and it involves the Clintons. Investigative reporters from Circa News, John Solomon and Sara Carter, were on ‘Hannity’ Tuesday evening with Victoria Toensing who is the attorney for the informant, an American businessman, currently under a gag order.

The American businessman, who is a witness to the bribery, extortion, money laundering scheme by the Russians to gain control over U.S. Uranium, is under a DoJ/DHS gag order. The DoJ this evening is considering whether to lift the order, according to Hannity.

Even that appears to be a sham of sorts. Attorney Greg Jarrett told Hannity Tuesday evening that the Supreme Court has ruled a confidential informant cannot be gagged and prevented from speaking to the Congress. The House committee has said they will subpoena the witness, who wants to be certain he is protected with full immunity since he says he has been threatened with imprisonment.

The informant has collected videos, tapes, and exact plans laid out by the Russians. He had direct conversations with the top level Russians, is privy to their thinking on the issue and he has said the Clintons are involved.

It appears that the Clintons were targeted by Russian spies with the ultimate goal of cornering a share of the U.S. energy market.

It was in November 2009, with the permission of the FBI, that an American businessman began making kickback payments at the direction of Vadim Mikerin, “the main Russian overseeing Putin’s nuclear expression inside the United States.” Between 2009 and 2012, with the approval of Rosatom, Mikerin would use bribes and extortion to compromise “American contractors in the nuclear industry.”

The FBI knew of the scheme before the Uranium deal but still allowed the Uranium One and Tenex deals to go through.

Then-president Obama knew in real time of the FBI probe.

The informant appears to have information that then-FBI director Mueller, Barack Obama, Rod Rosenstein, perhaps James Comey, and other officials were briefed on the investigation in real time. They knew in 2009 that the Russians wanted to corner the U.S. Uranium market and they still let the deals go through.

Victoria Toensing’s client said the information made it to the President’s Daily Briefing.

Robert Mueller was involved in the Russian gambit and now he’s running the Russia investigation. He has hired Hillary Clinton donors to investigate. Anyone see a conflict of interest here? We need a Special Counsel and Mueller has to recuse himself immediately.

In addition, the Obama administration awarded a visa to the Russian spy/criminal, Vadim Mikerin, in 2011 and again in 2014, knowing of his criminal activities.

As we learned with some certainty this evening, the Clinton campaign and the DNC funded the Russia dossier which contained opposition research on Donald Trump. The information mostly came from Russian spies in the Kremlin itself via former British spy Christopher Steele. The dossier has been largely debunked. Democrats were wittingly or unwittingly funding a Russian disinformation campaign by funding the Russian dossier.

A so-far unnamed Republican was also involved in the development of the dossier at the outset.

In addition, a sleeper agent, a member of ten-person Russian spy ring, got close to Hillary Clinton but was quickly booted out of the country. The FBI never informed Congress which is illegal.

On March 19, 2010, then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton was in Russia. Most remarkably, while standing next to Foreign Minister Lavrov, she said, “our goal is to help strengthen Russia”. She succeeded in doing that, only no one realized at the time what that might mean.

All of this took place as the Uranium deal went down. Nine political hacks running the applicable government agencies, as members of the Committee on Foreign Investment, under the overseer Hillary Clinton, approved the Russian company Rosatom’s majority ownership of Uranium One in October, 2010, although the FBI and the administration knew of the Russia scheme.

In 2011, Rosatom’s subsidiary Tenex was given approval to sell commercial uranium to U.S. nuclear power plants in a partnership with the U.S. Enrichment Corporation. Before that, Tenex could only sell U.S. power plants reprocessed uranium from dismantled Soviet nuclear weapons from the 1990s space program.

Then in January, 2013, Rosatom takes 100% control of Uranium One and takes the company private.

While this is going on, large donations were being made to the Clinton Foundation*** and Bill Clinton was given a lucrative speaking engagement in Russia to a bank involved in Uranium One. Prior to giving the speech, he requested permission from Hillary’s State Department to meet with top Russian energy executives, at least one was tied to Uranium One. While permission was denied, Bill Clinton met privately with Vladimir Putin who publicly thanked him for his speech.

The New York Times also reported that our Uranium has left the country which was not allowed and was sent to Canada. The newspaper could not say where the Uranium went. Uranium One officials said most of our Uranium came back to the U.S. but some went to Western Europe and Japan.

The real Russian spy story is this one.

The Democrats and the media are making a big deal out of $100,000 in Russian ads from a troll farm, half of which came after the election, but they say little about this.

*** Donations began after Frank Giustra makes the first deal in 2004 to form what would later become Uranium One. Giustra and Bill Clinton became fast friends at that time. In early 2006, Giustra makes a $31.3 million donation to the Clinton Foundation. It was kept secret until December 2007 despite an agreement she had with Barack Obama to publicly identify all donors.

In September 2006, Giustra co-produces Clinton’s 60th birthday bash which raises $21 million for the Clinton Foundation.

In 2009, Ian Teller, Chairman of Uranium One, donates $1 million to the Clinton Foundation. He donates again in 2010 – $250,000 – and in 2012 – more than $2.3 million.

June 29, 2010, Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 for a speech in Moscow by a Russian investment bank with ties to the Kremlin that assigned a buy rating to Uranium One stock.

The Clinton Foundation funded the Clintons’ political machine and became a vehicle for building power and relationships throughout the world. It was more political than charitable with poor accounting practices. Most of the money they collected reportedly went to expenses.

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