Infrastructure bill: 7% on traditional infrastructure, 93% to make us socialists


Biden’s American Jobs Plan replaces the effective, record-low unemployment, Trump jobs plan. Biden won’t take questions and tell us why he needs to replace it although, from looking at the bill, it’s clear that it’s to make us socialists.

He plans to spend almost five trillion dollars and introduced the first part of the bill this week.

Schumer says more such bills might be introduced at a later date.

Most of the American people don’t know what is going on. The media and the politicians lie to them all day long.

Biden’s spending comes from taxes on you, me, and corporations. Bill O’Reilly said last night on his podcast, “When the government guts the people, you are making the decision that you want the government to run everything. That is the unconstitutional stuff.”

The absurd little child-woman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants the U.S. to spend $10 trillion on the Democrat socialist agenda that will create “tens of millions of good union jobs.” Anything less is not nearly enough. Oddly, she has more support than Joe Biden.


Last night, Greg Kelly interviewed Thomas Schatz, President, Citizens Against Government Waste, who said AOC’s $10 trillion price tag is more than three times the annual budget for the entire federal government just on her plans for The Green New Deal.

Biden’s plan is also ridiculous. There is no need to spend that kind of money on infrastructure and the plan itself only spends about 7% on “traditional infrastructure,” Schatz said.

The plan spends $100 billion for broadband when 93% of the country is covered. Many of those who don’t have it, don’t want it. Those who truly need it are helped out by the companies. And the way it’s written, it prioritizes municipal or local broadband which means failed government control, leaving us stuck with what we have and no innovation.

They are doing it for control, federalization, but mostly it’s about not allowing private companies to do anything, Schatz explained. The private companies don’t qualify for any of that $100 billion if they make a profit.

There will be no competition and no innovation. Wherever municipal broadband is tried, it has failed.

They are calling everything a human right as opposed to a constitutional right. For instance, broadband becomes a right, having a job, everything they fund 100% becomes a right like childcare at $25 billion.

The Left wants everyone to have everything THEY think they need.

The magical thinking over railroads is not realistic. The idea we need to spend billions on high-speed rail and Amtrak is absurd. It works in other countries because they’re smaller. It’s not what people need or want. They like to drive, and it’s cheaper by plane than train.

Another $20 billion for bike lanes is to get people out of cars. People live in suburbs in the USA and it will never work here as it does abroad.

Biden is controlled by people who want to tax us to death, make us less competitive, and destroy inheritance. Capital gains, the same thing. Retirees will be hurt greatly. AOC and her hard-left crowd are running the government, not Biden.


Six hundred and fifty billion is going to hard-left infrastructure, that’s clean drinking water, affordable, sustainable housing, and free housing, especially to everyone but white people.

Bill O’Reilly Gave a Rundown on His Show Last Night
This is a brief rundown:

Even though we pay for failing public schools through property taxes, Biden will pour more money into them. It costs $30,000 per student annually in New York City public schools but the children are flunking.

Another 621 billion in transportation, going to fix the roads, going to fix the bridges, public transport, that’s the dying New York City subway system because of the violence, airports, electric vehicle development.

Electric vehicle development means that the federal government, not Tesla, not the private car manufacturers, the federal government is going to build all of these stations where you charge your car.

580 billion for government research and development. We just had COV vaccines developed by private companies so why are we giving the government money?

400 billion for home care for elderly and disabled Americans. 400 billion?

The taxes will be astronomical. He’s going to tax corporations 1.5 Trillion. That’ll be among the highest corporate taxation in the developed world. Corporations will move or lay off people or do both. Some will have their pay cut. The rest will be passed on to consumers.

Wealthy Americans will pay 40% to the feds and then pay state and local taxes. In New York City, that means 60% of a person’s income.

Free Pre-K, free community college which is already cheap. We don’t need any of this. It’s only to provide reparations and make us all socialists with Big Brother running our lives.

This is all meant to be permanent and continue for years, beyond this administration. It’s a power grab and it will destroy the United States.



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