Insulting Dem Rep says 75% of our troops “may do something evil”


As the Sentinel reported, the government is vetting our own National Guard to find out if they will become violent and endanger Joe Biden and his team. It’s like a third World here in the United States.

The officials appear to be vetting them with no evidence of threats, just conjecture.

As if that isn’t bad enough, Rep. Steve Cohen irresponsibly came up with a fake stat of 75% who might “want to do something evil.” He is bigoted against white men who voted for Donald Trump

These men and women are willing to put their lives on the line and this buffoon is making up fake stats of how many might be traitors. They want these Guards to protect them and yet they demean them.

The National Guard took an oath when they signed up and they abide by it, but we can’t say the same for Rep. Cohen.


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