Why the FBI hid Agent Pientka of Crossfire Hurricane and the Flynn Frame


In the newly-declassified documents released by Senator Lindsey Graham, Americans finally got to see a deposition of Special Agent Joseph Pientka. That exposed the reasons why the FBI kept him hidden and why he allowed it to happen.

Agent Pientka quit Crossfire Hurricane because he knew the dossier was a fraud. He was sent to San Francisco and promoted. His name was redacted to hide him and what he knew. Senator Chuck Grassley requested an interview with him, but the FBI never turned him over.

Pientka wanted to investigate Christopher Steele. He knew something was not right. After a FISA warrant was used to spy on Christopher Steele so they could spy on DJT, he wanted to see what Steele was up to and determine his motives. Bill Priestap blocked it. That’s when Pientka dropped out of the case.

He transferred back to DC at the time but still helped with some aspects of the case, including setting up Michael Flynn.

After Grassley found out about Pientka, the Inspector General admitted to the FISA court that Agent Pientka (known as SSA-1) was significantly less than forthcoming with “factual omissions” in the Title-1 surveillance application he assembled against Carter Page.

Pientka lied and lied by omission to the FISC and he did so under penalty of perjury. He knew the dossier was a fraud. He knew about witness denials. Pientka knew what he was doing.

To summarize, Pientka wanted to probe Steele because he knew the dossier was garbage. Bill Priestap stopped him. Knowing it was fraudulent, he remained silent and transferred to another city. Then he lied under penalty of perjury on the FISA.

Not just that, Pientka was a handler for Bruce Ohr who illicitly obtained information from Steele after Steele was dismissed for bias against Donald Trump.

Pientka was promoted for it. Priestap retired with all his benefits. This is your FBI.


Joseph Pientka Supervisory …

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

We will not allow ourselves to be tricked by Graham. He was a key part of the coverups of these crimes. To put something out now, when there is no chance of prosecution, shows how self serving Graham is. Poor Graham is worried about his own conscience, having sat back and allowed the President to be destroyed with coups. He is on the other team, which consists of bad guys.

Make Rhodesia Great Again
Make Rhodesia Great Again
2 years ago

The Dominion wasn’t mastered back in 2016?
How did Trump even happen?
A historical anomaly?
I probably did waste the time that he bought us but then again maybe not.
That is all that I expected from Trump and he delivered.
The FBI is corrupted and destroyed beyond all repair just like everything else in the Zimbabwe of the West.