Insurrection at the DNC HQ by Violent Pro-Hamas Rioters


More than 150 violent protesters stormed the Washington headquarters of the Democratic National Committee last night, demanding the party support a ceasefire (surrender) in Gaza.

Democrats like Hakeem Jeffries had to be evacuated.

The radicals didn’t get in, but they tried, and they injured six officers.

The police arrested ONE ‘protester.’ I say hunt them down and put them in prison for 22 years.

Democratic congressman Brad Sherman was evacuated from the building and later posted on X, “Apparently, these pro-Hamas demonstrators want Republicans to prevail in the next congressional election.”

WaPo didn’t notice the violence; they’re anti-Semitic and never notice anything like that.

Hamas Had to Evacuate Shifa Hospital

So, how are the Hamas terrorists doing in Gaza? Well, they’re active in the West Bank as well as Gaza. Three terrorists were heading for Jerusalem and were shot dead as they attacked three people, killing one 20-year-old soldier.

Their car was loaded with weaponry.

A hostage was found dead at Shifa Hospital.

Relatives of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh were arrested trying to escape from the North of Gaza to the South.

Included among those caught were his nephew and his son-in-law.

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