Hochul’s Erasing Criminal Records in a State with 2.2M Criminals


New Yorkers who complete their sentences and stay out of trouble for a certain period of time will have their criminal records automatically sealed under a long-awaited bill signed into law by Gov. Kathy Hochul on Thursday. So, banks might hire bank robbers, landlords could house thieves, and car dealers could hire carjackers.

New York now joins several other states, including California, New Jersey, and Michigan, which have passed similar measures in recent years, Channel NBC 4 reported.

When you treat criminals like champions and invite more in, you become New York. At least 2.2 million New Yorkers have criminal convictions.

Kathy Hochul, a hack

About 2.2 million people in New York have criminal convictions, according to a study by the Data Collaborative for Justice, a research center at John Jay College. The study was based on New Yorkers with convictions from 1980 to 2021.

In New York City, nearly 400,000, or 80% of people with criminal conviction records, are Black or Latino, according to another study conducted by the research center.

That’s because they committed crimes. It’s NOT RACISM.

New York’s “clean slate” legislation, the latest criminal justice bill signed by the Democratic governor, will automatically seal most criminal records three years after serving time or parole for a misdemeanor and eight years for felony convictions. Sex crimes and most Class A felonies, such as murder, will not be eligible for sealing.

Originally, sex crimes and murder were included, but Hochul caved to angry New York conservatives.

And what about gun criminals? Do they get to have guns because their records are sealed?

“They’ve paid their debt to society,” Hochul said about those with criminal records during the bill signing ceremony at the Brooklyn Museum. “They’ve gone through the process. They did their time. They’re done. But when they reenter society, there are still barriers to housing and jobs. I say no more. We’re here today to correct that injustice.”

Do the victims feel they paid their debt? Have they changed? One size does not fit all. The criminals are facing injustice?

Hochul’s a hack.

Some people deserve mercy and second chances, but New York is letting people out of prison who’ve been arrested 40, 50, 100 times.

When are law-abiding citizens – taxpayers who obey the law – going to be treated as well as criminals in New York?

One size doe NOT fil all.


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